Studentersangforeningen i Bergen. Bergen akademiske mannskor

Vår adresse:
Kalfarveien 34 A

Welcome to the Bergen Academic Male Voice Choir

Our beloved hometown Bergen is Norway's portal to the North-Sea and the Atlantic ocean.

Our choir is a traditional Scandinavian academic choir, founded in 1935, still alive and kicking.

We rehearse every Wednesday in Kalfarveien 34A from 8 pm till 10 pm. After the rehearsal we spend another hour together, enjoying a small refreshment.

Our repertoire is wide, and varies from old Norwegian folk songs to modern pieces. We also sing spirituals, shanties and national-romantic songs.

Every four or five years we take our wives and children abroad during the summer. Usually we find a choir festival to visit, thus combining singing and holiday.

We keep a very high social profile in our choir. We arrange parties and trips several times a year, and everybody who wishes to join us is welcome. Our youngest member is 30 years old, and the oldest senior is 86! Three or four times each semester we have what we call a "langbord", which directly translated to English, would be a "long table". Then we really enjoy ourselves with something to eat and drink, singing songs from our more vivid repertoire of old beer-drinking songs and folk songs.

If you want to hear a few samples from our CD, go to Utgivelser, and you will find some MP3 files where we perform songs from our national-romantic repertoire.

If you want to learn more about us, please take contact.

Our address is: Kalfarveien 34 A, 5018 BERGEN, Norway.

You can also reach us by e-mail: